Migrating from RobinHood to Public

By Benjamin Sanders | | RobinHood,Public,StockTrading | 2 mins Read

So, I finally made the decision to migrate my personal stock portfolio from RobinHood to Public. This decision wasn’t made in light of what happened during the whole GameStop fiasco or because I hate RobinHood. As a matter of fact I was considering getting out of managing my own stock portfolio all together now that I have a 401k. However, I do like being able to “be in the game” so to speak and maybe have a portion of my money growing rather then just sitting in a bank account somewhere.

Making the Switch

For me the switch wasn’t that hard. I just used the Public app which I already have a brokerage account open with them. I initiated the transfer from there answered some questions about the brokerage account I was coming from (RobinHood) and now I wait.

Why Make the Switch?

I decided to make the switch primarily because I like the community aspect of Public. It’s pretty cool loading up the site or the app and seeing the community page. As well as being able to follow people like Graham Stephan and other investors. I still plan to be more of a long term investor but Public seems to offer more information that I can act on when making investment decisions.

Public Community Page

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

There’s the saying that if a service is free you’re the product but Public seems be different in that you can have the option of tipping them when you sale stock. Which, is a nice way to help out a service that provides a way for smaller, retail, investors to even have a chance of building personal wealth that was previously reserved for the elite stock brokers.

I’m sure Public isn’t perfect but I remain cautiously optimistic about it and hopefully will be a really long term thing.

I guess this is the first real blog post I’ve written on my site in a while so I thank you all who read it and if you haven’t yet signed up for Public and would like to give it a try. You can check it out here. We’ll both get a free stock when you deposit money in a new account.

Moving swiftly onwards from that little bit of shilling I do hope you have a wonderful day. :) -Ben