So, you're out of school or are almost out and you are looking for a job?
You've got your resume in hand or I should say in PDF form on your computer.
You could upload it every time you send an email to a potential job or, and I
suppose this only works if you use Gmail, you could upload it to Google Drive.

Recently I had applied for a job and I went to upload my resume to send to
them and I had this thought about importing it from Google Drive. For some
reason, all the times I had sent applications in I hadn't thought about doing
this. I guess it's just me being stuck in the past so to speak. After I had
sent the email I did think about the ease of which it would be to update my
resume that company has now. If I update that one then it would just update
for them since I basically sent them a link and allowed them to view it.

So, my 5 reasons for uploading your resume to Google Drive and I suppose, as
mentioned, this only applies if you use Gmail.

  1. Ease of Editability
  2. Literally, only one copy is needed
  3. "The Cloud" allows for access on any device
  4. Importing is easy from inside Gmail
  5. Super convenient

Ease of Editability is as I mentioned above just the fact that you can edit the
one file and have it update for all possible jobs. So, if you found a mistake
when you sent the email you can quickly update it and have it reflected

What I mean by "literally, only one copy is needed" is just as it sounds.
You only need one copy since it's online in Google Drive you don't have to
worry about resaving a Word Document as a PDF anymore. Just send the Google
Drive Document, or whatever they call it.

"The Cloud", which is a word I sort of hate since it simplifies the web a
little too much but that's the buzz word that's been chosen. Either way
"The Cloud" allows for you to view your resume, or any other document, on any
device that has the app. So, if you need to show your resume to someone in a
pinch just get your phone out and show them. You can even edit it from your
phone, tablet, what have you.

Importing it from inside of Gmail is easy by just hitting the Drive icon and
selecting your file. I would say it couldn't be any easier.
I'll just include this last one in this paragraph. The last one being that
it's just super convenient. Super convenient for really all the above points
I mentioned.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and be sure to share it if you
want to and comment below with your thoughts. :)

Until Next Time,
Ben Sanders