Hi, I'm Ben!

I'm an IT Professional in North-East Georgia.

Technology has always been a big part of my life ever since I was a kid. I just always loved the idea that technology could help us achieve things faster and more efficient. For example how using an Apple Watch when going on walks or runs can give you more data afterwards to help you know how you did.

I bought the domain bensanders.me back in 2010 and started my website as a way to learn website design. Since then I've taken it through many different blogging platforms. Going from WordPress to Jekyll (a static site generator) then to Ghost. Which, I think I could get used to Ghost.

I don't publish here that often, although I would like to change that so that I get better at writing. I still do web dev stuff but mostly for my own company Sanders Technology Group. There we do website design, PC repair, and even build custom PCs for people.

My dream is to travel more often so I can get plenty of photos and try creating photosets with Ghost.