Changes in 2017

By Benjamin Sanders | | | 1 min Read

So this is the first post I made on my site in 2017. First off I would like to say hello. Second, there are some things I need to discuss.

So let’s get started.

A new year brings about people wanting to make changes usually for the better. This year is no different and I plan on making the most of this year. I’ve already begun my new year’s resolutions and writing more is one of them. Doesn’t matter what I am writing about I just want to write more.

I’ve also resolved to make more vlogs on YouTube which I’ve started doing. I plan on posting them here perhaps with a full blog post. I figure that will help with exposure. My desire with making vlogs is to try to entertain and maybe inform. I suppose the same thing with my writings.

Throughout last year I started learning animation and drawing more too. I also began thinking about starting a comic. Which I don’t know if I’ll do that or not but if I do I’ll post it here. I plan on continuing to get better at drawing and animation.

I will also continue working on this site and adding new features to it. Hopefully get a portfolio done for potential clients to look at. Whoa, it seems I’ve put a lot on my plate but maybe if I stick to it and put the time in I can succeed.

I also have a few job applications in and hope to do some traveling this year. The traveling will give the opportunity to blog about said traveling and get plenty of pictures and video.

If you wish to keep up with my blog post you can subscribe to the newsletter or the RSS feed. Maybe both? Either way, you’ll get new posts when I put them out.

Thanks for reading and if you have any big plans or small plans let me know what they are in the comments below. I look forward to reading and conversing with you!