Down With Big Tech!

By Benjamin Sanders | | BigTech | 1 min Read

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Back when I started using the internet roughly 20 years ago (I’m 31 now) the internet was a much different place. We had social media in the form of MySpace and had search engines like Yahoo then later Google. Those were all great things. It allowed normal people to have free access to information which is the way information should always have been. While I wasn’t very old at the time I can remember signing up for Gaia Online an MySpace at the time but I also remember in the 2010s reading people’s blogs like Chris Pirillo’s and curating an RSS feed.

My point in saying all that is that I miss the days of the old, smaller, web and want to go back to that which now feels like a good time to talk about giving trouble at sites like Twitter, Reddit, and Twitch. I feel like we’ve allowed the internet to be taken over by a few big companies when we should instead be controlling it as netizens. That means doing things like using RSS, linking to friends websites, and using hosted email services instead of Gmail.

I love the power the internet gives us as regular people and if you know how to program or maintain systems the greater power it gives. Things like “I’m a fucking webmaster” speaks to me. To round out this short article I just want to say the web was a simply a lot more fun when it was smaller. If you’d like to join me in keeping the old web alive please feel free to add my RSS feed which can be found here

That is all for now. Please feel free to reach out at my business Sanders Technology Group if you need a website or general IT services.