Dragon Con + Blog Update

By Benjamin Sanders | | | 1 min Read

As I have mentioned in the last post I made just a little bit ago I mentioned that I was working on learning how to make WordPress themes. I started actually working on a theme mostly out of boredom but also because I figured that I should have an actual site designed by me as a portfolio. One other thing is that I want to blog more often just as something to do and I love writing.

As far as the design of my site goes I will say that once I figure out the back-end and get all that sort of thing sorted out I will actually make a better design. Probably some kind of minimalist design; All-in-all I have lots planned for my site in the future and will hopefully start promoting it more often.

One last final note for this post is that I PLAN to be at Dragon Con in Atlanta for the Co-Optional Podcast panel. So if you will be there perhaps I’ll see ya there! :D