Going Live With Git

By Benjamin Sanders | | | 1 min Read

Git is a very cool tool of which I have been using to help me develop this site. As a matter of fact you can go and find all the source code for this current site on my GitHub. Plugs aside I have installed git on my live server and just tried pushing some changes over to it vs my github. I can get used to going live with websites like that I think. haha

Regardless it’s very handy as I don’t have to keep up a Filezilla window or try using any of the finiky plugins for Sublime Text or Atom to upload files. Plus I have version control with Git so that if I don’t like changes I made I can revert back. Granted I haven’t figured out how to yet but the option should be there somewhere.

So now let me just outline to you all my new work flow process for writing a post with Jekyll and Git.

  1. I open a new file in Sublime Text.
  2. Put all the Jekyll Front-Matter in it.
  3. Write the post and edit it to look all sexy
  4. Push it to the server and SHARE!

That’s about it for now and I’m sure I’ll refine all that later. Also this workflow allows me, as a console geek, to do EVERYTHING in a console window. I love everything about running console commands. <3

Till Next Time.

-Ben Sanders