National Novel Writing Month

By Benjamin Sanders | | | 1 min Read
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I was listening to Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig and it was mentioned that November is National Novel Writing Month. My first thought was that I should blog about it. (lol)

Seriously though I have thought about writing a novel in the past. As I'm sure almost every single person in the world has thought about doing. I think I'll stick to writing more on my blog to help work on my writing and storytelling skills.

I would imagine that difference between writing a novel and a blog post would be that you can't just have short paragraphs. I don't know, maybe you can. In writing, there are certain rules you should follow but I imagine if you can tell a compelling story. You can write however you want.

As with any creative skill, however, it just takes practice to get better at. You just have to pick a skill you feel you would enjoy and just do it. You will suck at first but eventually, if you keep at it you will find your own style.

The worst thing for any writer is a blank page and there are plenty of remedies to cure that problem. One of the main ones that many English college professors will have you do is just write. Write about things and don't worry about grammar or spelling. You can always edit it for grammar letter.

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog posts. I'm going to try to post more during November and onwards. I just never really had much that I felt I could add to the blogosphere. Hopefully, this post does add something and I would love to hear from you, dear reader, in the comments below. :)

PS: After I copy and pasted these "paragraphs" into Atom the article seemed a lot shorter then it did in Grammarly.