Starting CCNA Study

By Benjamin Sanders | | CCNA,WGU,Computer,Networking | 2 mins Read

Over the past few months I’ve been working towards my Bachelor of Science, Network Operations and Security degree at WGU. So far it has been going pretty good aside from the fact I keep failing my Project+ exam but I have managed to get my Network+, Security+ and Linux Essentials certificates. My A+ cert I had prior to starting my studies at WGU.

The Purpose of this Article

I plan to try to write weekly about how I’m going in my studies as I prepare for the CCNA. I’ll be using Neil Anderson’s Udemy course as well as Cisco’s own on demand learning. Then a program I’ll be using is Cisco Packet Tracer so I don’t have to go out and purchase Cisco equipment just to take the course.

What I am hoping to gain from writing (hopefully weekly) about my studies is a way to not only keep me doing it but also maybe teach something as it relates to networking. I’ve always heard that a good way to learn is to teach so we’ll see how it can work out for me. Plus it will mean I can create more content for my own site that will hopefully give something to someone in the future.

Screenshot of Cisco Packet Tracer

Setting up a Private Wiki

Speaking on providing information that will help in the future. I’ve been thinking about providing and hosting a private/public wiki with something like My thinking is it would give me a good place to gather information I pick up in the IT world and make it publicly available for my personal use mostly but also if someone stumbles across it maybe it will help them as well. Overall I want to my make my site(s) a good hub for tech articles and help hone my skill in writing technical papers.

I am sure that once I get to writing my IT Capstone for my degree I will probably publish it here as well. So, if you want to keep up-to-date on posts I publish here then you can check out the RSS Feed. I plan to at some point get a self-hosted newsletter setup as well but for now you can add that RSS feed link into your RSS reader of choice.

Until my next post, have a great day! ~Ben