My Thoughts on The Red Pill Documentary

By Benjamin Sanders | | | 3 mins Read
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I recently watched a video from Armoured Skeptic about a documentary called The Red Pill. Which then prompted me to go and actually watch the film. I have not really been a fan of the men's rights movement or the feminist movement for that matter. I sure as hell don't like the movement called MGTOW. However, the film did give me a nice, fresh, view on the situation.

You see both sides do make valid points. I understand that with anything there is always going to be a radical sub-group. For example, the MGTOW which stands for Men Going Their Own Way. Which to me sounds like men who don't even want to try and solve the problems between the genders. Like they are too scared to solve the problems and instead hang a "No Girls Allowed" sign up in protest.

The film does show off both the best and the worst of each movement. The film touched on the fact that men do get the worst end of the stick in family court. While at the same time also stating, from someone from the feminist camp, that you should talk to the other person before engaging in sex.

Which you should fully discuss with the person, that you are about to have intimate time with, what might happen if a pregnancy occurs. If two people of the opposite gender have sex they should honestly have discussed that fact. Since having sex, even when using protection, has a very real possibly of producing offspring.

The Red Pill highlights the fact that both genders do have problems with abuse towards them. That sexual or verbal abuse can happen to someone regardless of gender. Each time it showed stats though it showed it affects more women.

The thing is though that doesn't make Men any less valuable or needing help. It also doesn't mean women are any less the victims of these tragic abuse stories. All it means is that we should keep all this in mind when we hear about abuse stories regardless of gender. If a guy comes forward and says he's been abused by a female then he should have his voice heard. Just like we should listen to women if the same thing happens to them.

I think that to solve some of these issues and get rid of some of the tensions between the genders we just need to communicate more. Maybe make a woman prove the person she claims is the father is the father before applying for welfare.

It's difficult to discuss these sorts of issues because both sides make good, or least half decent, arguments. As both genders can't possibly imagine what life is like in the other's shoes, so to speak. We can't possibly fully understand how to actually solve these problems.

Anyway, those are some of my thoughts, I hope I brought something new to the table. Let me know what you think there in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from everyone. I tend to try to stay as centrist as I can on most issues. So until the next one have a great day! :)