Dell 27” 4k S2721QS

Awesome 27” 4k Display from Dell

For a few years now I have used 3 generic 1080p Acer displays and finally got an Acer Nitro VG270K 27” 4K UHD. At the start of this year though I wanted to get a second 4k display and wanted to try a modern Dell display. So, I picked up the Dell 27” 4k S2721QS have used it for a few months now. It works pretty well with my M1 Mac Mini along with that Acer Nitro display mentioned.

First Impressions

The Size: going from 3 21” displays with some pretty thick bezels to two 27” displays with bezels that are hardly there is something else. it’s really nice being able to have a full 2160p resolution to spread windows out and use the zoom accessibility feature on macOS when I need to focus in on something.